1461795_541342325947024_1475534983_nUnless you were an eagle-eyed researcher or devoted fan, the legendary portrait photographer Art Kane’s name in connection with THE KEEP could only be traced back to a brief mention in an early issue of Film Bulletin at the time of the films release.

There were many notable photographers on set of THE KEEP, coming and going, at a time where the punishing hours were beginning to take its toll on the crew, but there are none more notable than Art Kane.

Art first arrived on assignment in Wales in typically chaotic fashion.

Art arrived at The Royal Oak in Bettws-y-Coed in Wales after a very stressful journey and decided to run himself a bath. He then lay down after covering the bedside light with a silk scarf and promptly fell asleep. Eventually he was wakened by the smell of the scorching scarf. By this time, the bath had overflowed and was beginning to seep into the bar below.

Whilst we’ve never been able to track down any of Art Kane’s work taken in Wales, Kane did arrive at Shepperton much later and photographed what are now the well-known shots of actors Scott Glenn & Alberta Watson, shrouded in fog and blue lasers. Some similar ones have survived in print but unfortunately Art was a ruthless editor of his own work and literally threw away 1000’s and 1000’s of chromes as he edited with a slide projector.

The cover photo on our FB page and enclosed here is the only one that is confirmed to have been signed off by Art himself.