Final Call – UK & European production to close on A World War II Fairytale

If you played a part in production on Michael Mann's THE KEEP or as an extra or serviceman or perhaps have something to say as a journalist, critic, broadcaster, writer, artist etc. now's the chance to come forward for consideration in the final project. A World War II Fairytale will close UK and European production [...]

In memory of John Ellis Roberts

John Robert's portrait of production designer John Box whilst they were scouting for locations on THE KEEP in North Wales, summer 1982

Art Kane & THE KEEP

Unless you were an eagle-eyed researcher or devoted fan, the legendary portrait photographer Art Kane’s name in connection with THE KEEP could only be traced back to a brief mention in an early issue of Film Bulletin at the time of the films release. There were many notable photographers on set of THE KEEP, coming [...]

Wales 1982 – 2012

Exactly 30 years from the time THE KEEP crew first came to Wales in search of the right location, the crew of A WWII Fairytale returned in the Spring of 2012 to the original sites in Llanberis, Blaenau Ffestiniog and the surrounding area to film coverage. After a successful expedition from producer Stephane Piter a [...]


Cheers! Thank you very much for your continued support. Now in our fourth year, A World War II Fairytale is proud to launch today, ushering in a new era for THE KEEP. Over time, we aim to expand upon what we've built so far turning the site into a treasure trove of information on the [...]

Frontieres international market 2014

In July, Director Buck (right) and Executive Producer Alex Kuciw of Django Media (middle) attended the Frontieres co-production market as part of the Fantasia Festival to show the industry the first glimpses of A World War II Fairytale. Amongst new works by Dario Argento, Simon Rumley & David Prior, A World War II Fairytale was [...]

Edgar Froese interview Spring 2014

In a rare exclusive interview Edgar Froese opened up about his time and contribution on THE KEEP. Edgar's interview closes a large part of European production on A WWII Fairytale which will feature contributions by most of the original members during 1983 and further insight into Tangerine Dream's unique score for the film.

Director’s introduction

What you've been following recently is a collective pursuit to begin creating a visible platform for THE KEEP, which is an extension and continuation of Stephane Piter's journey to help preserve the importance of the film in Michael Mann's career. Its a very unique, unusual film in his body of work. My view was to [...]

The World & Philosophy of THE KEEP

This section of the site aims to go more in-depth with a series of interviews and additional content on Mann's thought process behind THE KEEP and the themes that the film tackles. It begins with the first part of a text interview with author Mark E. Wildermuth, conducted by director Stewart Buck   Were you [...]

Interview with Stephane Piter

Exclusive interview with Stéphane Piter, producer and special effects artist: Was this your first introduction to Michael Mann, or had you already previously seen some of his early work such as Thief and other TV work? What triggered your fascination to find out more about this elusive film? Since I was a child, I have [...]