Delivery is £7 to EU and £10 to non EU countries. Please ensure you enter the destination country correctly to ensure you are billed the right amount. Failure to do so may result in an additional bill to cover our costs.

Delivery dates are based on our current post-production schedule.

It will take some time to deliver such a huge project in a relatively short space of time given the fact further negotiation and licensing of materials will be required during the post-production phase. As well as creating and making your rewards and additional extras to the very best standard and quality possible, we have spent the last two years introducing the project to various production companies and distributors. With all of that in mind there may be delays affecting the final delivery dates we’ve anticipated, but we will keep you informed and updated if we start to foresee any of these delays.

Each item has it’s rough delivery month listed and we’ll do our utmost to get them to you as soon as possible.

Wrong delivery/order information:
If you have inadvertently provided incorrect delivery address details, Please send an email to and we will update the order. Please be aware that there may be little we can do if the item is already dispatched.