Since we started this journey, it was to be expected that we’d receive numerous questions around any future release of THE KEEP movie and/or soundtrack. The first thing to note is that we are not affiliated with Paramount or Michael Mann. They are continually kept informed of what we’re doing, but our main focus is to complete the project to the very best standard with the intention of presenting this to Michael next year. Both the film and soundtrack elements will need great time and devotion afforded to it as a separate project and plans to look at what can be done to preserve them. As we’ve explained above this is really the beginning of the future of THE KEEP and we will do our utmost to support that activity and encouragement.
Please send an email to dinu121passproductions@gmail.com and we will update your new e-mail address manually to our database.
Send your new address to dinu121passproductions@gmail.com and we will update our files accordingly.
We will be frequently updating our Indiegogo page, as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts and official website. Also look out for updates on this page & in your inbox from Indiegogo. They’ll be updates directly from the producers during post-production and location reports from Romania next year!